Hidden Thoughts


The hidden script is something I say to myself that lays in the background of my mind to get through good days and bad nights: Not everything is as beautiful as it seems. Not everything is as tragic as it appears.. I say this to remind myself that everything around me is ever-changing, and the monstrous yet beautiful thoughts that I see are not always true, as I tend to forgot what is real and what is a manifestation all harboured in my mind and body. Along with a study of my first scarlet flax bloom that I nurtured from seeds that rests in my window-which the flax flower is a symbol of home where as a skull is a message of timeliness, rebirth and decay, which I feel within myself I am just that at times hence my initial name play being DK (dee-kay). Ribbon around showing freedom yet restrain of ones' self of how we try to keep everything withheld in order to run wild.
Your body is your home, no matter how truthful it is or unrealistic it plays with you.

Open edition, archival print on Canon Premium Satin Fine Art Paper.
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Original painting, 5"x7" . Gouache on papel. SOLD- THANK YOU!

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