Passionflowers, The First Lady & The Duke


Sold as a set only.

“Passionflowers, The First Lady & The Duke” are portraits of the first jazz legends, Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington, based on their song together of the similar title ‘Passionflower’. Both portraits have passionflowers growing out of them based on the song they composed together of the same name, which is a song about intoxication of compassion and comfort of something to long for. Jazz is my favourite style of music, as it is deep with history, colours up array of sound, and the original music of America originating in one of my favourite places in the US, New Orleans, Louisiana.

“Passionflowers, The First Lady & The Duke”, original paintings, graphite, oil paint, and glaze on Bristol vellum. 6”x6” in 8”x8” frames. Sold together only.

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