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“Revived” which symbolises rebirth, how our Earth is renewing itself constantly and our impact of whether to hid or standup to help make change in the world and how we treat it. The flowers used are lilies and daisies, which are used to symbolise change, growth, and renewal of the mind in the language of flowers/floriography (which my work mostly consists of). The two beings, a person and a songbird emerging from the flowers show that we are as humans and nature are to grow, be/are aware with the Earth’s changes (I.e global warming, deforestation, species endangerment) and help if we choose by stepping forward from the brush rather than be hidden within modern society’s power against it. Trying to keep hope when all feels lost

Original painting, gouache, pencil on Bristol vellum 11”x17” in a 16”x20” frame.

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