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Take Care of Yourself For Me (Azalea)


Azaleas historically represent femininity and softness yet strength and determination. Our mothers, our sisters, the womxn in our lives fight for our girls to live another day in this world of ego that puts all odds against to live freely as womxn. Sometimes they have to let go of the little girl you are and know you will be okay to take care of yourself, for their stories to carry on.

Oil paint, graphite, and spray paint on watercolor paper mounted on panel.
Only 1 available as it is the original painting.
Click image to view in full.
12”x16”, unframed.

Payment plans can be arranged, please email me at danikakristine.art@gmail.com to enquiry.

Ships everywhere in the world.
Free shipping for residents within the United States.
I hand-package each order to get it to you in the best condition. This original piece come signed by myself, the artist, along with a personal thank you note. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.

Thank you for your support and shopping with me. I appreciate you very much!