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Your Worth Tied to Madness and Beauty (Alssyum)


Once upon a time alyssum flowers was used as a treatment for the bites of rabid animals, a madness within these small creatures. Over time alyssums we’re giving in small handfuls to pretty girls tying them to their beauty that their admirers adorned them for. In the end, it is a thin line for a womxn to feel both beautiful and mad because of how society views her in it depending on her worth.

Oil paint, graphite, wax pastel and spray paint on watercolor paper mounted on panel.
Only 1 available as it is the original painting.
Click image to view in full.
11”x14”, unframed.

Payment plans can be arranged, please email me at danikakristine.art@gmail.com to enquiry.

Ships everywhere in the world.
Free shipping for residents within the United States.
I hand-package each order to get it to you in the best condition. This original piece come signed by myself, the artist, along with a personal thank you note. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.

Thank you for your support and shopping with me. I appreciate you very much!