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Limited edition print originally 20.00, ON SALE now for 12.00!
Gold-leaf embellished print originally 27.00, ON SALE now for 16.20!

First option: Limited archival print on Finesta Premium Gloss Fine Art Paper.
Edition of 10, signed and numbered.
5 out of 10 in stock.

Second option: Limited archival print on High Gloss Fine Art Paper with hand painted gold-leaf flower eye embellished print.
Edition of 5 only, sign and numbered.
5 out of 5 in stock.

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Print size: 10"x13.5" Paper size: 11"x14"

Ships everywhere in the world.
I custom print and hand-package each of these to get them to you in the best condition.

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  • Wavemaiden Limited Edition Print
  • Wavemadien Gold-leaf Embellished